Nombre Del Director De Medicina Legal Barranquilla

Another key witness is Jesús Gutiárrez©Arrieta, aka “Chucho,” one of the hitmen Beltran contacted to carry out the murder. According to Chucho, the wife of the regional director of forensic medicine and her driver planned the alibis in such a way that the crime looked like a robbery from the couple`s home. He told the prosecutor that “the wife of the deceased listened to all the conversations that were very clear between ±the Lord and me, which were about 15 or 20 phone calls.” Early hypotheses indicated that Pinto Viloria`s death was due to his employment or an ordinary crime. But the investigators` sense of smell told them there was something more to the murder± Col. Juan Carlos Nieto, deputy commander of Barranquilla`s Metropolitan Police, told El Espectador. Once the facts were presented, Legal Medicine contacted the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police. “This inter-institutional articulation was essential in resolving the case,” Nieto said. (See also©the wife of the Regional Director of Forensic Medicine who was arrested for her involvement in homicides.) This version is supported by the testimony of Johan Beltrán, the family`s trusted driver, before prosecutors` investigators. According to what emerged last Wednesday©during the prosecution hearing, it was Dayana Jassir de La Hoz who would have developed the plan to end the life of the regional director of forensic medicine. “The idea of killing Eduardo was born from Dayana,” Beltrán told prosecutors. The wife of the Director of Forensic Medicine has been linked to the trial, captured and is in the pre-trial phase of the hearing. However, the woman`s defense claims that it is a trap of Beltrán who wants to involve his client, ade Zona Cero ± said. You might be interested in: These are the alleged murderers of the director of forensic medicine of the Atlántico This is a complaint of a woman who collaborated with Eduardo Pinto Viloria, the director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Barranquilla, reveals the portal

“Call that phone and put it all together.” This text message, found on the mobile phone of Dayana Hassim de la Hoz, where the phone number of the hitman who murdered her husband is revealed, was the key to finding the perpetrators of the murder of Eduardo Pinto Viloria, director of forensic medicine in Barranquilla.