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During the pandemic, we have received numerous inquiries from condominium corporations and property managers about whether it is appropriate or permissible to hold meetings remotely. The short answer is probably no. Most condo documents require trust and landlord meetings to be held in person and for landlords to vote Julianne Jeha is a litigator who represents clients in state and federal courts. In addition, she specializes in co-ownership law and represents buyers and sellers in real estate transactions. Over the past 17 years, SLG has changed and evolved in many ways, and the past year has been a time of enormous challenges and opportunities. We`ve helped more clients resolve disputes, manage real estate and close transactions than ever before. We have also focused on the growth and development of our employees, Chris Donnelly specializes in civil litigation and co-ownership law. He represents hundreds of condominiums in all aspects of governance, administration and oversight.