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“We provide our clients with attentive, responsive and knowledgeable advice to navigate and understand the legal side of some of life`s most important transactions.” Whether you want to start a new business, maintain an existing business, buy or sell a business or enter into commercial contracts, we make sure that the terms of the documents are explained to you in detail and that you understand your legal obligations when starting a new business. Higher value for customers. Many seasoned legal freelancers offer high-quality, partner-level work at associate-level rates, and with far more productivity than a less experienced (but billable) hourly employee. Fewer hours required to complete the task, at a reduced billing rate, is a win-win situation for most customers. And project-based legal service providers often have the flexibility to provide fee certainty that clients who need greater predictability of their legal fees are increasingly seeking. Improve the company`s bottom line. Retaining qualified legal freelancers on a project basis ensures that law firms have access to experience and expertise when they need it – without paying salaries, benefits, and taxes for those talents when they don`t. Nor do companies have to invest in years of employee development and training in a specialized area of law. As long as the fees charged by the firm for the services of a legal freelancer are reasonable, the firm has the option of setting its own rate for its services, thereby increasing the firm`s leverage if desired.

Connecticut property is not always “cut and dried.” As an owner, owner or buyer, it is important that you know what your legal rights and obligations are. We will explain the applicable laws, answer your questions and guide you through your residential or commercial real estate transaction. Each client`s legal issues are unique. At Smith Law Group, we ensure that your needs are our top priority and maintain open communication for you throughout our work. We guarantee strict confidentiality in all legal matters and strive to build lasting relationships based on trust and quality representation. Timely access to additional legal support. Whether due to legal leave, illness, retirement, family leave, or a new business, law firms often need experienced short-term legal support to meet professional staffing needs. Experienced legal freelancers can help law firms meet these requirements and provide seamless service without increasing the firm`s permanent payroll. Expand the range of services for your law firm – and clients.

Small and medium-sized law firms often lack the depth of experience and expertise in certain areas of expertise offered by legal freelancers. For these companies, using the services of an experienced hand can help them take on issues and customers that would otherwise be beyond their capabilities. And even if the firm already has talent in a particular area, retaining an experienced freelancer with similar skills can free up valuable marketing and practice development time for its lawyers. Provide litigation and appellate lawyers with in-depth legal research, in-depth analysis, and clean, persuasive drafting. Young families just starting out don`t often think about their will, but it`s a great time to remind them of your desires regarding guardianship, division of property, health policies, and powers of attorney. We answer your probate questions and help you navigate your estate planning. Accident and injury, bodily injury, medical malpractice, real estate, bankruptcy and debts Elder law, contract, landlord, debt collection, car accident From 1979 to 1986, I was a litigator at a large law firm in Indianapolis, where I cut my teeth as a defense attorney in everything from slipping and dog bite cases to jury trials lasting several weeks with malpractice. electrical engineering. Wastewater treatment and collection systems and many others. I have also led various environmental disputes concerning air, water, emissions and solid and hazardous waste disposal.

From 1986 to 2016, I was a litigator and shareholder in three major Minneapolis law firms that acted as national, regional and local litigators defending personal injury, wrongful homicide, property damage and business cases involving drugs, medical devices, vaccines, over-the-counter drugs, consumer exposure, consumer exposure, from workplaces and the environment to a variety of toxic and hazardous products and substances. and production and manufacturing processes and equipment. Influencing public perception and opinion of cases and clients Cornell University, BS with Honours in Chemical Engineering, 1976 Accident and injury, Civil and human rights, Economy, Employment I am proud of my dedication and service to the local community. I served for many years as Reeve and Principal Churchwarden of St. Luke`s Episcopal Church in Minneapolis and was a lay member of the Standing Committee of the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota. I am a former president and board member of the Edina Choir, where I have been singing for many years. I have also served as a Scout Leader for Scout Troop 48 in Edina, Minnesota, a seventh- and eighth-grade football coach for the Edina Football Association, and a registered track and field official for the Minnesota State High School League. Finally, as a pro bono attorney, I represent immigrant detainees in bail/detention, deportation, and status/visa proceedings before the U.S. Immigration Court and the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. University of Michigan School of Law, J.D., Laude, 1979 Lead paint and pigments litigation.

I have been part of national and litigation teams defending personal injury, mitigation and public nuisance cases in the United States against one of the former manufacturers of lead pigments and paints. Among other things, I have been a litigator in all court cases; the preparation, cross-examination and defence of most trial and testimonial experts; Development of a litigation strategy with the client and co-defendants; and was one of the advocacy group`s media spokespersons. Selected annually as Minnesota`s “Super Attorney” since 2012 Accident and injury, employment, estate, civil and human rights, taxes, development and testing of successful litigation strategies and successful case issues, and coordination of litigation strategy with overlapping business, regulatory, risk management and public relations concerns.