Sociedad Para La Asistencia Legal

According to the measure, the new body will be attached to the Gesellschaft für Rechtshilfe and the resources for its activities will be covered by funds from the sale of the special stamp. SAL has 13 legal offices, one in each judicial district, in: Aguadilla, Aibonito, Arecibo, Bayamón, Caguas, Carolina, Fajardo, Guayama, Humacao, Mayagã1/4ez, Ponce, San Juan and Utuado. We have the following departments: The AIDS Legal Project/The ALS and Cancer Legal Initiative (for tickets, call (404) 614-3969); The Home Defense program, which protects the poor and elderly from predatory mortgages and home fraud; family law, particularly for persons in violent family situations; project for the integration of persons with disabilities; The bill for seniors, people over 60 who need help with income and benefit issues in health care. We also represent residents of nursing homes and nursing homes, regardless of age, in matters concerning entry and exit rights and conditions in nursing homes (call the office or call the Georgia Elder Legal Line (404) 657-9915; or toll free 1-888-257-9519); the Grandparent Care Project, which handles adoptions through the Grandparent and Family Care Project (call (404) 657-9915); General law providing advice and representation in employment, landlord-tenant disputes and public services; The Hispanic Outreach Legal Project, which provides services focused on domestic violence, access to services for U.S.-born Hispanic children, educational services, and consumer issues (for entry in Spanish: (404) 377-5381). Health Law Association, available to families of children hospitalized in some hospitals (for admission, call (404) 705-0000). The office of the Legal Aid Society (SAL) in Caguas is in a “serious” situation of lack of lawyers and lack of guidance, as reported Monday during a hearing in a criminal case. â To the extent that lawyers are overloaded with cases, these are expanded. Our service is always the best and experience prepares us for it, but you can`t see all the cases at once. Cases must be considered individually. We give priority to those who are imprisoned because they could not be released on bail, and then the other casso must be moved.

And often the system is also©overloaded with cases,” said Pãrez©Bonilla, who has been ± right-back SAL for 35 years. “Although she has ongoing criminal charges, there are services for which she is not eligible,” said Ms. Marã±a Soledad Sáez.Outside the court, Ms. Sepólveda Lozada explained that only four lawyers work to handle all the cases that fall under the jurisdiction of the SAL in order to be treated at the Justice Center of Caguas. The scenario is acute, given that as of today, Monday, August 8, the person who supervised the Caguas office, Edwin Barreto, will resign. The Legal Aid Society is a non-profit organization that provides the economically poor with free legal advice in criminal proceedings for less serious and serious crimes. They are not a State authority and their activities are financed by recurrent and one-off legislative contributions and other income from the sale of the seal of the Gesellschaft für Rechtshilfe (Law No 47 of 4 June 1982) and regulated by Law No 244 of 2 June 1982. September 2004.

In the last budget certified by the Tax Oversight Board (JSF), SAL was allocated a position of $10,447,000. Lawyer Sylvia Sepúlveda Lozada, a lawyer for one of the defendants, explained in the courtroom that the busy work schedule she and her colleagues face limits the time available to question and classify the mother ± child as indigent. In the end, SAL`s lawyer, Luis Pãrez©Bonilla, will try to bring the trial to a successful conclusion. He could be eligible for government assistance and he could also regularize his immigration status. Hopefully, the next president will be very clear that state action will be needed to prevent another teenager like Josã Armando Torres Rivera from losing his freedom for a crime he did not commit, said Leo Aldridge. Judge Edwin Flores Sellãs©©again rejected the request. this time by Miguel Ãngel Ocasio Santiago himself to hire a new defense attorney Kevin Anthony Soto Vázquez didn`t want to work with Legal Aid Society lawyers – I see 10 cases today. It`s too much,” he said. The Social Assistance and Integration Programme is a social action project that promotes the early intervention of vulnerable minors, adults with or without a criminal record and persons who have been incarcerated in the country`s prisons and who are in vulnerable situations, through prevention, promotion and comprehensive education as factors of change and social justice.

through the implementation of socio-educational programmes. Within the framework of the P.A.Í.S. SALT. It aims to ensure continuity of community directions and conversations by extending service to all jurisdictional regions, provided we have the participation of lawyers and AL students. The preliminary hearing against the stepfather will take place in October and the prosecution has sent the defence the affidavit in which the man allegedly confessed to the facts. He pointed out that in addition to lawyers, SAL also needs other elements such as an investigator. We have one that recently became permanent in Caguas, but before that, I visited two offices at the same time. So if you needed it, it wasn`t there and that also makes the job©difficult,” he stressed. If it becomes law, anyone© serving a sentence by a majority of a jury can request a new trial. “In Caguas they saw eight lawyers, now there are only four of us,” he said. The Social Support and Integration Programme is a social action project that works for the early intervention of minors at risk, adults with or without a criminal record and persons admitted to the country`s prisons and in vulnerable situations, through prevention, promotion and .

During the trial of the mother and stepfather of a ± autistic daughter who was sexually abused by the man who also©impregnated her, SAL`s staffing shortage was brought to light. Pueblo v. Sánchez Valle, 579 U. S. ____ (2016); 2015 TSPR 25. Pending the preliminary hearing for multiple gun law violations, several defendants have been charged in federal court with violating the same weapons. The federal process accelerated and they negotiated allegations of Voir. “I think it`s a serious situation that there`s no manager in the office right now and we don`t know what`s© going to happen. The Executive Director`s management has not reported on what© will happen. But the most important thing is that we always do our best and overcome the office,” he said.

How are you going to catalog the situation, the lawyer was asked. As an example, he said that in the years ± previous SAL had between 130 and 160 lawyers, whereas today it is just over 70. They requested a review by the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and commissioned an analysis to determine whether it was possible to appeal to the United States Supreme Court.